To Chesterfield Chinese Acupuncturist

Help with Migraine Mrs X suffered from severe migraines for many years. It got to the point where her GP had prescribed  maximum dosage of Beta Blockers to contain them . In the longer term she did not want to anticipate the need to take this level of drug treatment indefinately. She therefore decided to explore alternative options. Acupuncture was one option open to her.

Following a consultation at the AcuHerb well-being centre she agreed a course of acupunture to address, not only the migraine but her general well- being.  She said:

” The overall treatment has been excellent, and to date I have had no migraines since I commenced the acupuncture. In addition, receiving advice and other well-being products to support my treatment,my health generally has improved 100%.  I intend to continue to liaise with the Well-being centre and access the well-being products I have been advised to use and hopefully will need no further sessions of acupuncture if the migraines stay away.

“Many thanks for an excellent service and would feel more than comfortable in recommending this as either a primary or alternative source for a number of treatments.”

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I use to suffer from a bad back and with acupuncture and massage once a month and exercise May gave me along with some ointment for to relax mussle pain all good. I sit at a pc all day hence why i have regular treatment so touch wood ive not been imobile for 2 to 4 days with a bad back like i used to be 3 years ago before my treatment started so thanks May made a big difference for me.

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I’ve been going to see May for a few years now with lumbar issues and occasional shoulder tendinitis.Her treatment is amazing!!Before I discovered this Doctor my back spasms could last up to a month and unable to work.Now I can be back on my feet within a few days after accupuncture and May’s massage.Regular treatments are the key for me and can tell if I go too long without one.I cannot recommend May’s obvious skills highly enough.Definitely a health investment!

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I’ve been going to May now for a few years, firstly to correct a shoulder issue. I do aerial fitness, trapeze, silks, pole, aerial yoga so looking after my body is vital in order for me to keep doing what I enjoy. I cannot recommend May highly enough

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Suffered with cluster miagraines medication was not really doing much looked on internet and acupuncture came up and acuherb was there so sent an email and May messaged me straight back so booked an appointment with her met May. I was a bit nervous but May made you feel relaxed and explained things clearly about the procedure 40 minutes later came out feeling great and energised and i have had two sessions and still no miagraines . Thankyou may for helping me feel normal again .

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