acupuncture testimonial


Mrs P Brown sent this letter on 16 August 2012

I  write to express my thanks and gratitude for the course of treatment provided to me over the last 7 weeks.

As you are aware I have suffered from severe Migraine for many years and more recently to an extent where my GP had prescribed maximum dosage Beta Blockers to contain them. In the longer term, I did not want to anticipate the need to take this level of drug treatment indefinitely and therefore sought out and researched alternative sources open to me.

Acupuncture was one of those options and I contacted you at the end of June this year to arrange a consultation. Following th consultation, I agreed a course of Acupuncture to address not only the Migraine but also my whole wellbeing generally.

The overall treatment has been excellent and to date I have no migraines since I commenced with the Acupuncture. In addition, receiving advice and other wellbeing products to support the treatment, my health generally has improved 100%.

I intend to continue to liaise with the Wellbeing Centre and access the wellbeing products I have been advised to use and hopefully will need no further sessions of Acupuncture if the Migraines stay away!

Many thanks for an excellent service and I would feel more than comfortable in recommended this as either a primary or alternative source for a number of treatments. So far, it has worked for me.

Best wishes and thanks for all the advice and support.

Mrs P Brown

I reviewed this customer by text message on October, 2012. She replied with delightful news. She has been very well in general health and don’t have any migraines so far. She enjoyed her holidays and just returned back to work. She would like to keep in touch.